Digital Transformation for Meaningful Conversations

September 26 – 28, 2016 | Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Digital Transformation for Meaningful Conversations

September 26 – 28, 2016 | Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Digital Transformation for Meaningful Conversations

September 26 – 28, 2016 | Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Digital Transformation for Meaningful Conversations

September 26 – 28, 2016 | Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


Digital Transformation for Meaningful Conversations

September 26 – 28, 2016 | Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


The conference is now over. Thank you for helping to make it a success.



Three days of inspiring keynotes and thought leadership, business strategy, and technical breakout sessions.

  • Thought leadership focused on the Digital Transformation changing today's technology landscape
  • Presentations by experts in the field of Customer Communications Management, Capture, and Workflow
  • Corporate vision and strategy via general sessions, technical and business breakouts, new product announcements/product roadmaps, and a Solution Showcase — all featuring OpenText Exstream
  • Numerous networking opportunities with customers, prospects, partners, analysts; and CCM, Capture, and Workflow experts over two full days

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Following is the general time breakdown of the day's events:



Tuesday, Sept 27

Ron Rogowski, Principal consultant serving customer experience professionals, Forrester

Taking CX to the Exstream: Using CX Insights to Drive Your CEM Strategy

Forrester Research CX expert Ron Rogowski, known for helping companies develop and execute digital-first CX strategies and evaluating how well companies deliver on the needs of today's multi-touchpoint customers, will share results from the latest Forrester CX index and advice on how to drive improvements using CEM technologies.

Wednesday, Sept 28

Mark J. Barrenechea, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, OpenText

Today's Customer Buying Journey: Exploring Customer Experience in the Digital World

Mark Barrenechea, CEO & CTO of OpenText, explores the future of customer communications and showcases how some of the world's most successful brands are using OpenText Customer Experience Management solutions, including OpenText Exstream, to create online experiences that delight consumers, build trust and loyalty, and drive revenue.


Exstream Technical Introduction:

Speaker(s): Avi Greenfield and Pam Thomas

Description: Building on the innovation releases from November and April, this session continues that momentum and includes all of the new features and functionality in the OpenText Exstream version 9.5.301 Long Term Support Release. We'll discuss new design enhancements that increase productivity and decrease your time to market. Discussion topics include multi-device preview, HTML5 Output, improved usability of Container-based Design and new complex XML handling. We'll also cover practical use cases for applying the latest innovations within your organization.

Speaker(s): Patrick Kehoe and Mike Mart

Description: This session will include an overview of the Exstream Cloud portfolio and strategy and benefits you can expect from our cloud solutions such as Exstream Cloud Production and Messagepoint and how they can help you address some of your business priorities.

Speaker(s): Matt Riley and Pam Thomas

Description: In this session, we will discuss the challenges facing email designers and highlight the new features in Exstream v9.5 that help to tackle those challenges. We will focus on best practices in email design, new features to enable responsive emails, and how to preview and proof your emails to ensure the best experience for the recipients. Lastly, we will demonstrate using external email templates to deliver responsive emails to nearly any device.

Speaker(s): Jeff Doyle and Steve Cheal

Description: Learn about the latest release of Empower Editor and the importance of interactive customer communications to your business. Using a standard web browser, without any additional download or installation, Empower Editor lets you personalize communications in a controlled editing environment. See how the easy-to-use, thin-client interface ensures compliance for critical correspondence, quotes, proposals and simple proposals.

Speaker(s): Pau Soler

Description: Get the latest information on how you can create consistent, personalized content across all print, web, and mobile applications using OpenText Exstream, and how OpenText Exstream can be used for pushing content to mobile applications. Discussion topics include using OpenText Exstream's multichannel capabilities to create content for Android, iOS, and Windows applications, and how OpenText Exstream's Command Center solution enables you to push that content to mobile devices.

Speaker(s): Ken Toy

Description: Attend this session and learn how to fit OpenText Exstream into your existing architecture, with the right Connectors for your implementation. This session walks you through OpenText Exstream's integration capabilities, demystifies connectors, and demonstrates a sample implementation. Learn integration options for Exstream, how to plan a connector implementation for your architecture, and how Exstream fits into your architecture.

Speaker(s): Pal Vinland

Description: Learn how Gjensidige is taking multichannel communications to the next level using Delivery Manager, Command Center and Interactive Live Documents. Hear about the leading insurer's interactive platform which can create a Live Document and through Live Fulfillment and Command Center, convert it to XHTML output that is sent through a secure network. Attendees will also find out how this customer is planning to use Exstream 9.5 and Container Based Design with Responsive Email design where the email transaction is triggered by the end user from the Live Editor and get a basic understanding of the architecture in place.

Speaker(s): Clay Hunsaker

Description: In this session, we will explore the considerations and best practices when designing and producing multi-channel customer communications in multiple languages. We will also examine Exstream 9.5's complex text support functionality which provides powerful new capabilities for working with common double byte languages such as Chinese and Japanese, and complex languages such as Arabic and Khmer.

Speaker(s): Daniel Beltran

Description: The top writer of personal lines in Puerto Rico, Universal Insurance will share the business drivers and benefits of integrating Exstream with Guidewire and OnBase. Learn about the multiple Exstream applications in use and how Universal Insurance managed to implement an enterprise architecture that can bring portability to any core system and the benefits of doing it through services.

Speaker(s): Mark Jackson

Description: Join us in this introductory session to learn about OpenText TeleForm and OpenText LiquidOffice. Find out how these products can be used for document and data capture, processing paper and electronic forms, and business process automation.

Speaker(s): Tom Mairs, Shivani Rawat, and George Patchen

Description: As Guardian Life Insurance continues to move its digital strategy forward, they required a highly reliable and secure method to deliver notifications to their customers. These transactional emails need to deliver real-time, critical information to a customer's inbox. Expanding on the deeply integrated, long-time solution of OpenText Exstream, Guardian partnered with SparkPost to deliver a complete solution for critical transactional email delivery. In this session, we will review the business and technical requirements for this implementation, and overview of the enterprise notification application. Find out how Guardian Life, OpenText and SparkPost partnered to implement the solution.

Exstream Deep Dive Technical:

Speaker(s): Pinckney Stephens and Nathan Christen

Description: This session covers the use of powerful OpenText Exstream tables to present complex data and information in clear, easy-to-read, and visually appealing formats. Great session for organizations that use complex transactional documents such as financial statements, insurance schedules, or government notices that require complex tables. Learn about choosing the right table for incoming data and output, repeating rows/columns, section-driven tables, tables within other tables, and interactive documents.

Speaker(s): Clay Hunsacker and Pam Thomas

Description: In this session we will discuss the industry trends related to producing accessible PDF documents. We will also demonstrate how to use Exstream as an authoring tool to design PDF documents which comply with the PDF/UA specification and WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards.

Speaker(s): Jeff Franke

Description: In this session, we will discuss improvements to the OpenText Exstream upgrade process as well as some best practices. Attendees will also learn how to prepare for an upgrade, some different upgrade methodologies, and how to make sure everything is working as expected after the upgrade. Get answers to commonly asked questions like "Should you upgrade all your applications or just some of them?" and "Do you need to upgrade your design environment?" or "What about your database?"

Speaker(s): Jeff Franke

Description: Are you trying to design Exstream applications efficiently while improving the customer experience? Are you trying to maximize your productivity and quality? Do you want to know tips and tricks you can use with Exstream to make the most of your communications? Attend this session to understand common design strategies for page layout and composition for the best customer experience. Know when to use different objects of Exstream design and understand any prerequisites. This session is recommended for project managers, implementation leads, implementation staff, and integrators new to Exstream.

Speaker(s): Matt Riley

Description: Exstream has provided XML as a means of supplying data to your communications for many years. In this session, we'll take an in-depth look at the way Exstream maps and processes complex XML in our latest release. See how our new XML file type improves the XML data mapping experience. Learn how the engine uses the complex XML hierarchy and advanced techniques such as XPath to navigate through elements and attributes to make data completely accessible anywhere during the customer processing.

Speaker(s): Pau Soler

Description: As more companies move to electronic communications and digital transformation, e-delivery will be a critical component for success. Learn about the latest releases of Delivery Manager and Command Center and how they work with SparkPost to be an integral part of your customer's digital experience. From email, to push notifications and SMS, learn how to ensure that your customers receive their electronic communications. This session builds on the InfoTrends e-delivery session and includes best practices for assured delivery and a real world customer example.

Speaker(s): Dwane Gilvin

Description: In this session, we discuss the composition phases during the OpenText Exstream Engine execution. The focus of this session will be on how your design effects engine behavior. Moreover "Under the Hood" will look how a package file is deconstructed during the engine execution as well as how your design results in the output generated. The intention of this session is to help with understanding engine timing, allowing users to better maximize their designs for expected output results.

Speaker(s): Mike Mart and Yibing Zhang

Description: Exstream Messagepoint is a powerful tool that helps business users take control of their content and quickly create and execute targeted, relevant, and insightful customer communications across all channels, electronic and print – without burdening IT to code up changes or new content. In this session, we'll give you an under-the-hood look at how to take an existing Exstream application and make it work in Messagepoint. After showing you how to modify your application, we'll demo the application in Messagepoint so you can see how easily your business users can edit business content and get that into production without help from IT.

Speaker(s): Dwane Gilvin and Nathan Christen

Description: This deep dive will cover the enhanced features that OpenText Exstream offers for creating digital correspondence using HTML content. Great session for enterprises responding to consumer preferences by sending customer communications through digital channels using Exstream's HTML capabilities. Learn how to create engaging communications that include dynamic charts, videos, hyperlinks, and other rich, multimedia elements. Explore how responsive design capabilities make HTML output scale and flow correctly for the device format on which it is presented (such as mobile, tablet, and desktop), importing and accessing cascading style sheets (CSS) directly from the design database, and easily creating or updating rich web content.

Speaker(s): Steve Cheal and Robert Brown

Description: This session is a deep dive on Empower Editor 2.0 which was released June. Get an in-depth look at the underlying architecture of Empower and how to integrate interactive documents into your front-end environment. We will take a look at some of the newer and advanced features of Empower, including how to create and edit email designs and how to create and fulfill interactive documents for multiple end recipients.

Exstream Business:

Speaker(s): Kaspar Roos

Description: Digital Transformation is currently one of the hottest trends in business as almost nine out of the ten businesses have indicated that digital transformation is a strategic initiative for them in 2016. In this session, we will look at what digital transformation is, how digital transformation is impacting customer communications, and discuss how your business can reap the benefits of customer communications transformation.

Speaker(s): Avi Greenfield and Jeff Doyle

Description: Having business and marketing users participate directly in authoring and editing content that goes into customer communications can improve customer engagement, increase profitability, and mitigate risk. Learn why giving business, marketing, and legal users communications control keeps messages fresh, relevant, and accurate. This session will cover recommendations and best practices on how you can use interfaces like Exstream Messagepoint and Empower Editor to give your business and marketing users the freedom to control the content they know best and provide a better customer experience resulting in deeper engagement.

Speaker(s): Matt Swain and David Stabel

Description: With "Digital Transformation" many companies are realizing that offering e-delivery of bills, statements, renewal offers and more, are critical to meeting customer expectations. However; it's challenging to quantify the benefits of e-delivery and the hard and soft costs associated with not getting business critical communications to the customers' inbox. InfoTrends customer communications experts Matt Swain and David Stabel will present recent research on consumer preferences and enterprise plans for e-delivery. They will share key trends, challenges and best practices for managing e-delivery, including the impact that non-delivery of critical transactional emails and digital messages can have on your bottom line.

Speaker(s): Avi Greenfield and Gary Holmes

Description: In this session, learn how to bridge CCM and Web technologies to improve customer engagement, increase profitability, and mitigate risk. Exstream experts will discuss and show how the investments you've made in traditional CCM can be extended with the latest Web and mobile technologies including HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and leveraged to provide consistent and compelling interactions with your customers at every touchpoint.

Speaker(s): Kaspar Roos

Description: In today's interconnected digital world, leading businesses need to compare themselves against the global best such as Amazon in terms of how they communicate and the experience they deliver to their customers. With consumers now having over five connected devices on average, the delivery of a consistent message across channels needs to be replaced with interactive, two-way conversations across any channel. In this session, we will take a look at omni-channel communications, its prerequisites, and discuss a few case studies from the financial services and utility industries.

Speaker(s): Bobby Boyd

Description: We are very excited to welcome Customers to OpenText. In this session we will address any concerns pertaining to contacting OpenText Exstream Customer Care. We will discuss best practices on how to contact support, submit a test case, track incidents, download software and use the forums on the new user community. This session will cover the lifespan of an incident, Customer Care SLAs, and production down procedures. We will discuss the escalation process and the impact levels of incidents.

Speaker(s): Sean Christie

Description: A Celent Model Insurer of the Year; Gore Mutual was looking to deliver a total digital experience to appeal to a new customer segment – home-based businesses. Sean Christie, CIO, will share the business drivers for integrating Exstream with Duck Creek Technologies Policy Software as part of the company's Digital Alliance Strategy.  Already using Exstream for claims correspondence, Gore Mutual expanded into multichannel communications to produce real-time quotes and automated policy and billing documents and certificates of insurance delivered through the uBiz portal or other preferred digital channels such as email.

Speaker(s): Ron Rogowski and Patrick Kehoe

Description: This session is designed to give attendees a chance to ask detailed questions about the Forrester CX index and other drivers, provide the opportunity to share practical advice on how to make changes to drive improvement, and best practices for enabling those changes and prioritizing investments that will continuously improve your customers' experiences.

Speaker(s): Marci Maddox

Description: Managing and delivering a compelling customer experience has become a mission critical objective for digital business transformation. In this session we will discuss how to orchestrate a compelling digital experience; mapping the customer journey through that experience, and how to measure and manage the impact of the Customer's Lifecycle Value to your organization.

Speaker(s): Mark Jackson

Description: Attend this session to find out how solutions can be enhanced using OpenText Intelligent Capture & Workflow. Learn how using OpenText TeleForm, LiquidOffice, and Exstream can be used together to enable solutions for digital transformation, customer communications, and more.

Speaker(s): Aaron Shriver and Mary Hegarty

Description: When Westar Energy was thinking of redesigning their energy bill, they went to some experts for help. From start to finish, a successful collaboration between Westar Energy, NEPS and OpenText Exstream resulted in a new electric bill. This case study will show how a redesign project using the NEPS LUNA philosophy and project process and Exstream created a success story for Westar Energy. We will walk through the engagement, research, redesign, testing and implementation phases. In addition, you will hear about customer feedback, the cross-functional team and Westar Energy's plans for moving forward.


*Agenda subject to change.


Previous attendee comments:

Attended the analyst meeting and the general session…which was fabulous.
The customer led discussions were very beneficial as they gave you the opportunity to hear success stories and listen to their challenges.
The case studies really show the innovation and pace which can be achieved, and provide good lessons learned.
It helps keep our application relevant. Each year, there is a collaboration, and talking points we pick up that enables us to refine the elevator speech. This conversation brings interest from our internal customers.
Networking with others and finding how they have incorporated dialogue in their business. Also I wanted to see how other companies are working toward a center of excellence.